Bilt Rewards x Aeroplan February 1st Transfer Bonus: What You Need To Know

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Bilt Rewards announced yesterday that this February’s Rent Day (aka the first day of the month) promo is a 75-150% transfer bonus to Aeroplan. This opens up some really fun redemption opportunities at an unheard-of value, but since it’s a one-day-only promotion, here’s some key info to know ahead of the big day!

I started writing this up as a mini-guide for my Instagram Stories, but by the time I reached 1,000 words and hadn’t even touched on the Aeroplan half of my breakdown below, I decided I needed to make this a standalone post you can reference over the next few days (and beyond). Enjoy!

Note that terms do apply to this promo. 

This mini-guide will be broken down into two sections:

  • The Bilt side of things
    • I’ve talked about Bilt a fair bit organically on my Instagram stories – both my Bilt strategy and my personal usage – since getting joining the program in November, but this will be a refresher on key things to know in case you missed any of those stories
  • The Aeroplan side of things
    • Why the miles & points world is so excited about this particular bonus and the power of the Aeroplan program beyond the simple redemptions you might find when booking online



First things first: you know I’m big on transparency and disclosures. To that end, Bilt hired me on a paid campaign for this Rent Day promo to create a video describing why it’s so exciting.

That being said, all the other info I’m sharing – this very post you’re reading, my Instagram stories, etc – are all organic. They are not part of my paid partnership. I’m sharing all of this beyond the scope of the partnership because I think additional context will be useful in helping you maximize the bonus.

Regardless of everything I’m sharing now being organic, though, this is my clear disclosure that YES, I currently have a financial relationship with Bilt!

What is Bilt?

Bilt is a rewards program that allows you to earn points on your rent payments. This is a massive differentiating feature, so it’s a no-brainer for renters – but that is not an exclusionary program feature.

By this, I mean that the program is not just for renters, which is the most common misconception I get in my DMs from non-renters; in fact, this was a misconception I held myself until I went to a Bilt press retreat in October!

I had long been jealous of renters who were earning Bilt points given it’s an incredibly valuable transferable point currency, not realizing non-renters like myself also have meaningful pathways toward point earning when in possession of a Bilt Mastercard. I myself earned over 100,000 in spend-related Bilt points – and no, it wasn’t manufactured spend! – in the first two months I had the card. More on that in the next section.

Supercharge your earnings (renter or not): the Bilt Mastercard

The Bilt Mastercard is the no-annual-fee credit card with which I earn Bilt points. Note that I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice – I’m just sharing my experience as a Bilt cardholder.

If you’re not a Bilt cardholder yet and are planning to apply, consider using my referral link (my referral code is PF7Y-0Q70 if it doesn’t auto-populate via that link).

I only get 2,500 points per referral but that can add up! Plus when people use my link, it feels like a reflection of appreciation for the info I share, which I deeply appreciate in return. More points, or more support on my partnerships, means more trips and info related to those trips that I get to share with you!

This no-annual-fee card has really solid earning categories (the multipliers below double on the first of every month):

  • 3x on dining
  • 2x on travel
  • 1x on everything else, including rent

You need to make five transactions on your Bilt card per statement period for points to post.

“Secret” Bilt welcome bonus

When you get your Bilt Mastercard welcome package, on the day it arrives you should get an email. Don’t miss that email! It should say you’ve unlocked a welcome offer of 5x points on all purchases for the first five days you have the card, starting that day, up to 50k bonus points.

I maxed this bonus out, which gave me a quick hit of 62,500 Bilt points for $12,500 in otherwise non-bonused spend. That was also a huge part of how I earned Platinum status in under two months with Bilt before the end of 2023 (the elite level requirements changed as of January 1st, 2024).

Note that this is an **unpublished** offer meaning they can pull it at any time. It is not a guarantee and I don’t know if or when they’ll pull this offer.

What’s the Feb 1st, 2024 Rent Day promo?

Every Rent Day, Bilt shares valuable promos that help your participation in the program go even further. This February 1st, 2024 Bilt Rent Day promo is a one-day 75-150% transfer bonus from Bilt to Aeroplan, broken down as follows:

  • 75% if you have no status with them (Blue member)
  • 100% if you’re Silver
  • 125% if you’re Gold
  • 150% if you’re Platinum


Why is this transfer bonus exciting?

Any time Bilt has a transfer bonus to a partner, miles and points nerds get excited because the bonuses tend to far surpass what we see from other cards (the trade-off being that you only have one day to transfer your points). That being said, you may be seeing a lot of excitement around this particular transfer bonus specifically because of how beloved Aeroplan is in the miles and points world, and for good reason.

These are the things I personally value most about Aeroplan redemptions:

Their insane roster of partners

Aeroplan is Air Canada’s loyalty program. Air Canada is in the Star Alliance so you have that amazing group of airlines to pull from, but they also have a couple dozen non-alliance partners – including a whole suite of Middle East darlings like Emirates, Etihad, Oman Airlines and Gulf Air.

Ability to add a stopover on a one-way trip

You can add a single stopover on one-way Aeroplan redemptions for 5,000 points! This is a huge perk that allows you to build a two-in-one trip, and/or it can give you flexibility when stringing together more complex itineraries depending on onward flight availability.

As part of my recent Aeroplan redemption for the Bilt campaign, I got to explore Oman, a country that’s been on my list for ages, on a stopover for a couple of days. Besides the fact that I wanted to stop in Oman, the onward flight availability from there wasn’t available on points within 24 hours of flying into Oman anyway (under 24 hours is a layover, over 24 hours is a stopover). Building in that stopover bought me a couple of days in my itinerary to create a legal connection when there was award availability for my next flight without breaking the itinerary into two separate redemptions.

No carrier-imposed surcharges

Some frequent flyer programs pass on carrier-imposed fuel surcharges to you, which can add up to hundreds of dollars. Aeroplan does not pass on carrier-imposed surcharges.

Simple Aeroplan redemptions

In the next section, I’ll discuss more advanced-level program possibilities. However, based on feedback I’ve gotten in my DMs since posting this, I want to clarify – there’s plenty of room for amazing, low-effort redemptions for those of you who feel intimidated by the more advanced-level redemptions!!

You can easily book points flights online with Aeroplan if you’re looking for simple redemptions. The online interface is easy to use, both for searching and booking flight itineraries. If you’re looking for a simple itinerary – even one that includes a stopover if it’s only a two-flight itinerary! – that’ll be your go-to.

Nick Reyes over at Frequent Miler did a great job in this more thorough breakdown of some of his favorite Aeroplan redemptions opportunities, ranging from easy-to-book to more complex like my own redepmtion below. Anywhere he shows a screenshot from the Aeroplan site, you’ll note that’s a flight you can easily book online without any of the more in-depth effort I’ll describe next. He also does a great job of exploring both economy and premium redemptions in that breakdown!

Any single one of the flights I detail in my own recent redemption in the next section (or even combinations of adjacent flights) can be booked alone without all the other flights I pieced together. For example, if you just want to head from Frankfurt to Muscat in Oman Air first class, that’s only 65,000 Aeroplan points and US $120 – or 26,000 Bilt points total if transferred on February 1st at the 150% bonus level) – and can be booked online:

More advanced-level program possibilities 

However, there’s room for even more tremendous value within the Aeroplan program; the real fun comes from how well-versed their phone agents (1-800-361-5373) are at facilitating the ticketing of crazier itineraries you can string together that can’t be booked online.

Note that hold times for booking these more avgeeky itineraries can be long – I spent about 2.5 hours on hold booking the first of my two recent redemptions when I called in the middle of my afternoon – but if you call closer to the start or end of their working day (07:00 to 00:00 ET), you’re more likely to get through quickly. The following evening when I had a question about potentially modifying my booking, I got through in about 15 minutes. Two days later, I got through without any hold time by calling in at 07:00 ET to make my second redemption booking.

Here is the Aeroplan award chart – I focus on the fixed-rate “partner bookings” line on each region’s chart, as that’s where I find the most value. Note that Aeroplan partners Emirates and Fly Dubai have a separate award chart on that PDF.

If you study those charts, you’ll see where the possibilities open up. Flying from the US to Asia via Europe? That’s possible. Want to add a stopover in the Middle East on that itinerary and explore a new country there? Sure! Did I do all of the above on my most recent trip to prove firsthand it can be done as part of my video for Bilt on how amazing this transfer bonus is? You betcha!

My own recent Aeroplan redemption

The trip I planned for this Bilt video involved two different redemptions. The first redemption was my star – I had seven legs across six flights (there’s a six-flight max per Aeroplan redemption, but some flights have multiple legs 😉) spanning four different carriers.


This was my exact itinerary:

  • Chicago, USA (ORD) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA): Lufthansa, A340-600 first class (lie-flat)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Muscat, Oman (MCT): Oman Air, A330-300 first class (lie-flat)
  • Muscat, Oman (MCT) to Manama, Bahrain (BAH): Omar Air, 737 MAX 8 business class (recliner)
  • Manama, Bahrain (BAH) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) via Singapore (SIN): Gulf Air, 787-9 business class (lie-flat) (direct flight with two legs)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) to Singapore (SIN): Gulf Air, 787-9 business class (lie-flat)
  • Singapore (SIN) to Taipei, Taiwan (TPE): EVA Air, 777-300ER business class (lie-flat)

This single redemption included two alliance partners, two non-alliance partners, two first class legs, five business class legs, six of those legs in lie-flat seats, and I booked a stopover in Oman. All that was only 150,000 Aeroplan points plus 5,000 points for the stopover – or just 60,000 Bilt points without the stopover / 62,000 Bilt points with it if transferred on February 1st at the 150% bonus level.

SIXTY TO SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND POINTS??? For seven legs in first and business class including six lie-flat seats, and a stopover for the additional 2,000 points???

Given it’s a sufficiently complex itinerary, that can’t be booked online. However, if you can find the segment-by-segment availability, and the lovely phone agent you connect with confirms they’re all combinable, you can book an avgeek-worthy itinerary that gets you trekking across the globe on a variety of carriers and products just like mine.


My second redemption was decidedly less complex:

  • Taipei, Taiwan (TPE) to Hong Kong (HKG): EVA Air, 787-10 business class (lie-flat)
  • Hong Kong (HKG) to Singapore (SIN): Singapore Airlines, A350-900 business class (lie-flat)
  • Singapore (SIN) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK): Thai Airways, 777-300ER business class (lie-flat)

This redemption was booked to continue to show the breadth of Aeroplan’s collection of partners, but still offers the opportunity to fly three lie-flat seats on great carriers for only 45,000 Aeroplan points, or as few as 18,000 Bilt points if transferred on February 1st at the 150% bonus level.

In total, these ten legs – nine in lie-flat seats – could be booked for as few as 78,000 Bilt points if transferred to Aeroplan on February 1st at the 150% bonus level. Wild stuff.

The original plan was to loop this redemption all the way back home, as I was able to find availability on an ANA flight in The Room from NRT to SFO; however, I couldn’t find an eligible flight connecting me to NRT at the time I was booking (darn minimum connection times!), so the rest of my itinerary after this was booked separately. Key tip on this front, though: as of right now, you’re not going to be able to see ANA flights when searching availability with Aeroplan online, nor will phone agents likely be able to spot it themselves at first. However, when I was trying to make this version of my itinerary work, I asked the agent to go another level deeper to their ticketing department to confirm the availability I spotted on other partner searches. It took a bit of time on hold but the ticketing department was in fact able to grab that space!

In conclusion

This February 1st, 2024, Bilt Rewards is offering an exceptional 75-150% transfer bonus to Aeroplan. This one-day opportunity allows you to maximize your Bilt points by leveraging the strength of the Aeroplan program. From a diverse set of almost 50 airline partners to the ability to add stopovers on one-way trips to no carrier-imposed surcharges, redemptions on Aeroplan are already a win, and the chance to multiply your Bilt points toward such redemptions can open doors to unique award redemptions at an unheard-of value. I will 100% be speculatively transferring to Aeroplan on February 1st, and look forward to hearing about any great redemptions y’all nab through this promo!


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