Booking request

Your luxury hotel bookings may be eligible for VIP benefits if booked through a travel advisor. If you’d like to work with one that is affiliated with me at LAX to Luxury, I can pair you with her to VIP eligible bookings for you.

Please read this first! Due to bandwidth limitations, she can only offer to VIP straightforward hotel bookings and is not available for any property or room research, travel planning, or consulting services beyond that.

Once you know the exact property or properties of interest, room category or categories of interest, and dates, if she can match the pricing you’re seeing from booking direct but with additional benefits on top, it’s a win-win for working together!

Once you’ve read the above, please the form below to inquire about rates and benefits. By submitting this form, you are only inquiring about rates and benefits for a hotel booking, and she will follow up with that information via email. Submitting this form does not constitute a confirmed booking. Any and all confirmations of bookings will occur over email once rates and benefits are discussed.